Perfect Game WWBA Midwest Qualifier

baseball tournaments youth high school perfect gam - Perfect Game WWBA Midwest Qualifier Perfect Game Midwest’s goal is to offer the highest quality of baseball tournaments possible, on the best baseball fields available, while making each tournament memorable for every player, coach, and fan. We are committed to the development and growth of the game of baseball, while instilling the ideals of good sportsmanship and personal integrity while offering the highest level of competition at all of our tournaments.

TournamentWhenWhereFieldAgeEntry Fee
WWBA Midwest Qualifier – Winner gets free berth to National WWBA Championships ($2,000 value)March 23-25Topeka, KSBettis Sports Complex14U$1,295
WWBA Midwest Qualifier – Winner gets free berth to National WWBA Championships ($2,500 value)June 7-10Kansas CityMultiple15U-18U$1,595
All Perfect Game Midwest tournaments are by invite only. Don't worry, it's easy to request an invite. Click on a link below to request your invite to this tournament or see what teams have signed up for this tournament. If you have any questions go to our Contact Us page and send us a message.

More about Perfect Game WWBA Qualifier Events

The best teams from all over the Midwest will play these Perfect Game WWBA qualifier events. If you are interested you need to request your invite now to secure your spot! The National WWBA Championships are Perfect Game’s fastest growing event, and one of the top events in the United States where the top few hundred teams from each age group from all over the country will come together to compete. For any serious team that really wants to play against the best competition possible, you need to play this event! A guaranteed way to play for the national championship is to win our qualifier!

Why you need to play Perfect Game Tournaments

Perfect Game Midwest tournaments are affiliated tournaments of Perfect Game. Perfect Game Midwest tournaments are the only tournaments in the Midwest that have the Perfect Game name behind them.What sets Perfect Game Midwest baseball tournaments apart from other baseball tournament companies are the personal relationships we build with all the teams. We will get to know all the teams that play in our tournaments and we are always willing to work with teams on any scheduling conflicts to offer the best experience possible.

Our goal at our tournaments is never to just have the biggest tournament possible. We will always strive for quality over quantity. This allows us to have the best competition as well as providing easier access for college baseball coaches to see as many high quality teams and players in a short period of time.

Why the Perfect Game backing is a big deal:

  • Perfect Game is the premier provider of amateur baseball events, hosting the highest quality of baseball tournaments and events throughout the country.
  • Start to get exposure now. Perfect game has helped more kids reach the goal of playing professional baseball than any other organization in the world.
  • Perfect Game has the largest scouting department in all of baseball.
  • The PG database and scouting reports, as well as the PG player rankings, have been proven to be a valuable resource for all College Coaches and MLB scouts. Perfect Game is well connected in the media, especially with MLB Advanced Media.
See what some of the biggest names in baseball have said about Perfect Game. Please note the quotes below aren't directly related to our PGBA events but are in reference to the Perfect Game brand itself.

eric hosmer perfect game midwest baseball tourname - Perfect Game WWBA Midwest Qualifier"That was kind of the first time when you’re playing competition that’s most similar to the minor leagues, and I feel like if I wouldn’t have done any of those events I wouldn’t have had any experience against the top pitchers and top guys around the league. I learned the speed of baseball and how much different it is than high school, and I think the only place you can get that from is Perfect Game.” Eric Hosmerbrian cashman perfect game midwest baseball tourna - Perfect Game WWBA Midwest Qualifier"Perfect Game is a leading resource for anyone interested in amateur baseball, running top-notch events throughout the year which are followed closely by our scouts. Organized and efficient, Perfect Game is on top of their game." – Brian Cashman, Sr. Vice President and GM, New York Yankees.
ben cherington perfect game midwest baseball tourn - Perfect Game WWBA Midwest Qualifier"The player information Perfect Game provides to MLB organizations is extremely valuable. The Perfect Game events, scouting reports, and rankings are very important to the Red Sox scouting department. It's common knowledge in professional and college baseball that Perfect Game is the undeniable leader in running amateur showcases and tournaments.” Ben Cherington, former Boston Red Sox General Managermike trout perfect game midwest baseball tournamen - Perfect Game WWBA Midwest Qualifier"Those were great experiences. Just to get out of (New) Jersey and see the competition from all across the country and to compete against other players that were doing the same things you were trying to do -- get to the professional level. It was just good to get that exposure.” Mike Trout
Buster Posey perfect game midwest baseball tournam - Perfect Game WWBA Midwest Qualifier"(The PG events) gave me the opportunity to play against some really good competition. It allows you step outside your comfort zone a little bit, and I have really fond memories of those days, doing the Perfect Game events and the All-American Classic.” Buster Poseydan jennings perfect game midwest baseball tournam - Perfect Game WWBA Midwest Qualifier"Anything Perfect Game is involved with is followed closely by colleges and professional baseball. They are the very best at what they do. No one creates more opportunities for young players.” Dan Jennings, Special Assistant to GM, Washington Nationals
roy clark perfect game midwest baseball tournament - Perfect Game WWBA Midwest Qualifier"We feel that they put on, and it’s not even close, the best showcases and tournaments of anybody. They’re so well organized...They’re the best and the top colleges and the highest level scouts know it. ” Roy Clark, Special Assistant to GM, Atlanta Braves

Perfect Game Midwest Prizes

Winning isn't everything so we've put together these outstanding Rawlings packages. At least 1 package will be given out at each event. Winners are chosen by the Perfect Game Midwest staff based on the following criteria: defense, offense, sportsmanship, and effort.

perfect game midwest baseball tournaments prizes - Perfect Game WWBA Midwest Qualifier
GOLD GLOVE AWARD - Customized Heart of the Hide "Gold Glove”GOLD BAT AWARD - Customized Rawlings Wood Bat
APPAREL PACKAGE - Customized Rawlings Pullover, ¾ Sleeve Shirt, T-Shirt, and ShortsGEAR PACKAGE - Customized Rawlings Backpack, Batting Gloves, and Vulcan Grip
FOOTWEAR PACKAGE - Pair of Turf Shoes and Pair of Cleats

Perfect Game Midwest Baseball Tournaments Images

We strive to offer a memorable experience at each of our baseball tournaments so we have a professional photographer come to as many tournaments as we can, and post hundreds of images and videos to our social media profiles and website.Below are some of our Daily Awesome Images, featuring a fun photo-shopped processed image of a player from our previous tournaments, which we post on our social media everyday. Click on any of the images below to view a larger sized image. You can view all of our most recent images by going to our Baseball Tournaments Images and Videos - Media page.

Professional photographs of on field action from some of our 2017 events can be seen here:
Super25 2017 - Facebook AlbumCaleb Schwab Tournament 2017 - Facebook Album
Mark of a Pro Glove Championship 2017 - Facebook AlbumHeart of the Midwest Classic 2017 - Facebook Album
Spring Training Classic 2017 - Facebook Album

Perfect Game Midwest Baseball Tournaments Videos

Our Perfect Game Midwest Youtube Channel has videos from our previous tournaments. Videos include team profiles, great hits, impressive pitching, stellar defense, and more!You can view all of our most recent videos by going to our Baseball Tournaments Images and Videos - Media page. Below are a few examples.

3n2 Warriors - Perfect Game Midwest Super25 - Fall 2017

Nasty Pitching under the lights - Noah Tournament - Fall 2017

Swing Collection - Perfect Game Midwest Super25 - Fall 2017

Kansas Baseball Tournaments

Perfect Game Midwest's baseball tournaments are always played on the best Kansas baseball fields available. See all of our Kansas Baseball Fields. See our Kansas Baseball Tournaments page for our upcoming Kansas baseball tournaments.