About Perfect Game Midwest

Perfect Game Midwest Baseball Tournaments Field Action - About Us
Thank you for your interest in Perfect Game Midwest baseball tournaments.

Perfect Game Midwest tournaments are the best baseball tournaments in the area for exposure to college baseball programs and college baseball coaches. Our staff consists of former professional baseball players who know the game. Scouts, as well as college baseball programs and coaches, trust us and the Perfect Game brand itself, and will always have our tournaments as a priority when scouting talent.

We do not come close in offering the biggest baseball tournament events in the area. We will always strive for quality over quantity. This allows us to have the best competition as well as providing easier access for college baseball coaches to see as many high quality teams and players in a short period of time.

What sets Perfect Game Midwest baseball tournaments apart from other baseball tournament companies are the personal relationships we build with all the teams. We will get to know all the teams that play in our tournaments and we are always willing to work with teams on any scheduling conflicts to offer the best experience possible.

We will match teams in pool play with similar skill level and historical success to create true parity, as even matched teams create fun and competitive games for everyone involved, helping add to our already exciting atmosphere. We want to give every team a realistic opportunity for success every time they take the field.

We strive to offer a memorable experience at each of our baseball tournaments. We have a professional photographer come to as many tournaments as we can and post hundreds of images and videos to our social media profiles and website. We also produce our Daily Awesome Image featuring a fun photoshop processed image of a player from one of our tournaments, posted on our social media everyday.

Perfect Game Midwest’s goal is to offer the highest quality of baseball tournaments possible, on the best baseball fields available, while making each tournament memorable for every player, coach, and fan. We are committed to the development and growth of the game of baseball, while instilling the ideals of good sportsmanship and personal integrity while offering the highest level of competition at all of our tournaments.

Perfect Game Midwest appreciates your interest in our baseball tournaments and looks forward to seeing you on the field.

Perfect Game Midwest History

We started putting on small baseball tournaments in 2016 and because of great word of mouth created by how happy all teams that partcipated in our tournaments were, we were contacted by Perfect Game to be the official affiliated Perfect Game tournament provider for the Kansas City area in 2017. We were officially known at that time as Perfect Game Kansas City or PGBAKC.

We had four Spring tournaments in 2017. Each averaging around 20-30 teams. In the Spring of 2017 we also had our first Rawlings Heart of the Hide Gold Glove tournament where we gave every player on the winning teams a brand new Rawlings Heart of the Hide Gold Glove, which totaled about twenty thousand dollars in free gloves for the winning team’s players.

We obviously lost a lot of money on that tournament but our number one goal is never about making money, it has been and will always be, to provide the best baseball tournaments possible.

We had three Fall 2017 baseball tournaments, and because of fantastic word of mouth feedback, we averaged about 60 teams per tournament.

In Fall 2017 we also started teaming up with local charities to help raise money for great causes. We teamed up with Noah’s Bandage Project and Caleb Schwab #CanIGoPlay and were able to give thousands of dollars to each and help raise thousands more at our tournaments.

Our first year with Perfect Game resulted in the most teams ever to play in Perfect Game affiliated tournaments in their first year. Because of that Perfect Game has asked us to offer our tournaments to the entire Midwest region and starting in 2018 all of our baseball tournaments will be as Perfect Game Midwest and we will offer tournaments expanding outside of just Kansas City.